• Commercial Name XANECO
  • Owner of the craft workshop: Xoan Manuel Tubío Fernández
  • Activity IAE: 492.7 builder of musical instruments.
  • Artisan Letter 663 (June 1996) activity Artisan Traditional Musical Instruments Popular Gallegos
  • Workshop General registered on the galician craft register # 213 (April 1998 do) Starting the business in August 1996
  • Starting the business in August 1996


Come into contact with traditional Galician music in the eighties, in cultural Association Outeiro de Rei. This is where I start learning as self-taught drummer.

Since then I could not tear me the universe of Traditional Music.

What comezó be an exciting hobby was becoming gradually and almost without noticing in my professional life.

My father taught me the carpenter-joiner since childhood, which enabled me to learn the techniques and management tools for woodworking.

This greatly facilitated me things when I decided to make my first drum in the 90s of last century, driven by curiosity and the challenge of being able to do my own instrument.

Knowing some Craftsman tools in my youth, possibly helped to see this profession as a career option.

I continued with the fans studying old and ancient drums, reading books and treatises on percussion, to try to understand what are the variables that influence the outcome of an instrument, but I continued instruments, with the intention of providing an improvement, aesthetic and acoustic, Galician percussion.

When next thing I knew, I had a list of orders that made me raise the possibility that he could devote professionally to the office of luthier.

Thus in 1996 comiezo my business while I continue my education in the construction of other instruments like the hurdy-gurdy.

In 1995 I came in contact with the hurdy-gurdy, making an introductory course to learn to play, organized by the Association of Galician Gaiteiros in Lugo, and gave Laurent Tixier. From that time I Comece to gather information about the instrument, through literature, articles, conversations ...

Then I had the opportunity to take a course in the Obradoiro of the Provincial de Lugo, but certainly what helped me make the first zanfona most was the selfless collaboration that gave me the Luthier Xermán Arias, Sarria, which was given to did my first hurdy gurdy in his workshop, motioning the steps he continued to make them and teaching me techniques lutheria he applied for construction.

Later I met Jesus Reolid, and I had the opportunity to attend a conference weekend in Avila where he taught and shared his knowledge in the construction of hurdy gurdy, with several artisans who went there from Galicia.

Whether they are a few years making instruments, always evolving and incorporating new techniques and materials, with the same goal, that musical instruments we use in our traditional music reach the highest level of processing, acquiring the same consideration as any other classical instrument .

The constant work of study and research of ancient instruments, training in violin techniques along with the permanent contact with musicians and music of our country, I may be continually improving produto.

In the year 2014 I was fortunate to win the prestigious award Craft Galicia, ANTÓN FRAGUAS in its tenth edition, organized by the Council of Corunna, with the work "Carneifona".

Still as passionate as when I started being a kid, for a job that not only allows me to live by chips (my father would say), but can also contribute in some way, in such activity related to traditional culture, standardization of Galician culture in our society, making it possible to survive in these times annihilating our cultural reality.

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