XANECO – Music Instrument Workshop

The Xaneco workshop starts its business in 1996 with a desire to build musical instruments that respond to the demands of professional musicians and a quality criterion to put the Galician traditional musical instruments at the same level as any other musical instrument.

The study of ancient instruments , combined with current construction techniques and more permanent contact with the musicians, are the essence of XANECO Workshop . This allows the instruments made ​​there to be in continuous evolution and improvement of both tonal as pitch mode , but without departing from the musical tradition of Galicia.         

The instruments are made in the workshop are traditional percussion and hurdy-gurdies. In percussion one of the main objectives is to present the entire wide range of percussion instruments that exist in Galicia, and make a quality criterion to get their dignity and equal to considereción with other instruments, such as bagpipes.

In the hurdy-gurdies , I combine the study of antique instruments with knowledge of violin techniques in order to achieve a musical instrument that is good to handle and to refine and contribute in some way to its popularization .

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